5 Rules of the Road: Parking Lot Etiquette

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5 Important Tips For Polite Parking

If you are a big-name retailer or business with a commercial parking lot than you understand- a parking lot can be a concrete jungle of craziness. 

That stop sign over there- totally ignored. Why even put the road signs up when half the time all the rules fly out the window.

In reality, the rules of the parking lot are pretty basic and give way to common sense mentality, even if they aren’t written in any handbook. 

Either way, we are here to pave the lines and set things straight- here are the rules of the road when it comes to basic parking lot etiquette.

1. Drive in the right route

Sometimes in parking lots, people seem not to care if they drive the right way or the opposite direction down the aisle, but let’s avoid accidents in parking lots here people.

It is important to actually care so that a fender-bender does not occur. Many parking lots have arrows pointing you in the right direction, which are easy to follow. 

Follow the arrows, and drive in the direction it points to, this way everyone can get in and out of the parking lot with ease, and without worry.

2. Use Your Blinkers

Blinkers are as useful in the “real driving world,” as they are in the parking lot realm. Using turn signals in a parking lot could actually help you secure a parking space – especially during the busy holiday seasons.

Blinkers are indicators to others, let people know if you are simply waiting to pick someone up at a front entrance or turning into a sweet spot. 

Let people know your intended direction, and do it a polite way, by using those signals. By doing this, you not only protect other vehicles, but you also signal to pedestrians, so that they can be safe while walking through the jungle of asphalt and concrete.

3. Park Considerately

Courteously parking your car is ideal. Sometimes drivers are in a rush or simply having a bad day. These distractions, along with drowsy driving and the feeling of being rushed to get to where you need to go can lead to inadequate parking. 

On the other hand, some drivers like to show off their ride or take up two spots so that nobody scratches their sweet baby vehicle (try parking far away as an alternative- everybody needs the exercise)!

Parking in the center of a parking space gives room for other people to park on both sides of your car. This way, your parking job allows them to get in and out of their car in one piece.

If you have a big vehicle, a lengthy truck, or an extended van, ensure you’re rightly parked in the spot or pull your car in a location further away from other vehicles.

If your car is a mini car or you wish to park a motorcycle, ensure your bumper aligns with the bumper of other vehicles in the parking lot. It will help incoming drivers to know that that spot is not empty.

The general rule here is to be mindful, look back at your car after you park and ask yourself if everything looks okay, before you head on your way. 

4. Speed Limits Should Be Obeyed

The rules of speeding applied on the road also apply in parking lots. If you visit some parking lots, you will notice they put up a sign with the speed limit posted. But if you visit a parking lot and there is no speed limit sign, as a rule of thumb you should maintain a maximum of 15mph. 

Parking lots are full of pedestrians – elderly ones and even little ones – hence you should always be on full awareness of your surroundings.

The key here is to go slow. There is no need to rush, and rushing is never worth it if you put somebody’s life in danger.  

5. No cell-phone zone

Your cell phone should be put away whenever you’re in the parking lot. There is no need to be looking at the GPS, or calling your mother to find out what to get for your sister’s birthday. 

There will be time to find that perfect gift after you get out of the parking lot and in the store. 

Typically, as a driver, you’re not supposed to text and drive. But what about texting and walking through a parking lot? 

Walking in a parking lot while fixing your gaze on your mobile device can be as dangerous as a road accident. 

Avoid texting/chatting while walking through the parking lot. Your phone can be checked when you’re in your parked vehicle or inside the store.

Safety in the Parking Lot

If you follow and practice these rules, the parking lot can be a place of safety. It is essential to pay attention and take your time in any parking lot. 

Try to remember that you are driving a massive metal machine, and that should not be taken lightly. There are elderly folks, children, and families walking through parking lots every day, and it is crucial to keep everyone safe. 

Communication is key, and you can communicate effectively with turn signals and blinkers. 

As a pedestrian, it is also essential to stay off your phone and pay attention to any cars that may not be following the basic rules of parking lot etiquette. 

If you see a parking lot with dangerous dimensions that could cause an accident, it is essential to contact the vendor and let them know about your safety concerns. Or if you are looking to expand your parking lot to make it safe for everyone, give Limitless Paving and Concrete a call today!

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