A Guide to the Different Types of Commercial Parking Structures

If you are renovating or constructing a new building, parking is one thing that you must consider. You need a way for your visitors and staff to access your facilities easily.

Parking facilities have a long history and have been refined over the years. Despite the advancements, the types of parking available for your business has remained the same.

So what parking should you provide? This post will help by informing you of the facility types you have to choose from.

Keep reading to learn what the types of parking facilities are and how each of them works.

Parking Lot

A parking lot is the most common type of parking facility a business will use. It is an open area of pavement that you will mark with yellow lines for your customers to use for parking.

These parking lots are generally open at all times for anyone to use. But, in higher traffic areas some parking lots require payment to use. This practice is common during popular events that happen in the area.

These paid lots will generally have gate facilities installed that will allow cars in and out of the lot.

Parking Garage

A standard facility found in cities is the parking garage. There are three types of these garages.

Single Level Garage

Lower traffic areas will have a single level garage. These are covered areas and are similar to a regular parking lot.

Multi-Level Garage

For larger areas that have more traffic, multi-level garages are used to handle large businesses or multiple surrounding businesses. It is common for these garages to use ramps or lifts to move cars from one level to another.

Underground Garage

If there isn’t much space to build a garage above ground, then an underground garage may be the answer. These are used in large cities that need parking, but there is no longer any space on the surface.

Street Parking

If you run your business in the city and don’t have space for parking you may need to rely on street parking. You designate these parking spaces by squares that you lay out one after another. These spaces usually require customers to parallel park to make use of the area.

Automated Parking Systems

Smart technology is helping to make the parking experience more accessible. An automated parking system makes parking easier by guiding your customer’s to where they can park their car.

These systems can move either horizontally or vertically to the next available space, so nobody has to hunt the entire parking lot or garage for space.

Another up and coming parking system is robotic parking. This automation allows you to pack more cars in less space. Since people don’t need to get in and out of their vehicles, there is no need to have more space than necessary when parking them.

Start Your Parking Facilities Today

Nobody wants their business to provide inadequate parking facilities. With the new trends happening in parking, customers are now starting to expect these new advancements. Make sure you talk to somebody that can help you make the right choice.

If you are ready to start building out your new facility, then give us a call. We will help you through the entire process!

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