The Top 4 Benefits of Sealing Commercial Concrete

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Concrete suffers in public perception in two ways. The myth persists that concrete surfaces must be drab, unattractive, and designed purely for function. The second misconception is that it’s invincible material that doesn’t require protection and maintenance. There are many good reasons to use concrete (resilience is one of them), but it isn’t without vulnerabilities.

Concrete can also leave an indelible bad impression on customers and visitors if it isn’t treated with the proper care. This guide will highlight the hazards commercial concrete faces, how those risks affect people, and why businesses should invest in sealing to ensure a safer, longer-lasting surface.

The Stresses Placed on Commercial Concrete

Sealed Parking Lot

The demanding job of literally supporting a business falls on commercial concrete. Any weaknesses that are allowed to become too pronounced will affect the company in the form of a shabby appearance, potentially lost customers, or even damage to people and vehicles. Consider the main three concerns that affect all commercial concrete, from office buildings and restaurants to workshops and warehouses:

Heavily Used Flooring

Foot traffic can be every bit as impactful on concrete as vehicles can. It just takes longer for the wear and tear to show. Commercial floor spaces also frequently support heavy furniture, displays, and equipment, which add to the weight pressure. 

Parking Spaces and Lots

A commercial site may have just a few spaces or a large parking lot. The surface takes repeated stress in either case, from heavy weights and the many people accessing their vehicles. Parking concrete is also vulnerable to toxic vehicle runoff such as gasoline drips, which can pool in place and start to break down the lot’s surface.

Environmental Exposure

This is the second significant issue parking spaces, garages, and other external concrete structures face. Weather of all types and temperatures can cause concrete to lose color and expand and contract seasonally, a freeze/thaw cycle that eventually cracks the surface and exposes the sublayer to water damage.

Poor Construction and Human Error

Not all concrete teams are on top of their game, meaning your commercial site’s surfaces may not have been laid in the right way. Incorrect concrete blends and a lack of consideration for the property’s needs can cause commercial concrete to discolor, peel, or crack before its time.

Any part of a business that can harm both people and profits should be made a maintenance priority. Signs of cracking and discoloration must be acted on quickly, and existing damage should be assessed and rectified. Failure to be proactive could lead to a commercial space facing many days of downtime for repairs or even a lawsuit from an injured patron.

4 Big Benefits of Sealing Commercial Concrete

Professional Concrete Sealing

Few commercial investments have the diverse ROI of sealing concrete surfaces. It allows a business to breathe easier that their employees, equipment, and visitors are working and walking in a more resilient and secure space. 

1. Greater Elemental Resistance

Well-sealed commercial concrete stands up far more effectively to the pounding of rain, hail, snow, and even sunshine. A smooth and level surface also prevents the formation of water/ice pools, which are at the root of many slips, falls, and vehicle accidents.

2. Improved Cleanliness and Safety

Dirty concrete creates a bad image, while motor fuels and bacteria are responsible for exposing concrete areas to sulfuric acid (page 6). Exterior areas can be further damaged by stormwater, which is a potentially toxic blend full of debris and pollutants like stones, industrial runoff, and human and animal waste. Sealed concrete is a powerful barrier against the chemicals and other elements that deteriorate unsealed commercial spaces.

3. You Can Make a Visual Statement

Sealing commercial concrete surfaces lets a commercial space put its stamp on how things look. Epoxy concrete or polished floors can give a striking and cost-effective finish. Other sealants contain stains to transform standard-colored concrete into a shade that better suits your needs.

4. Expert Advice for Today and Tomorrow

Hiring a team that knows concrete inside and out delivers more than a well-sealed surface when you need it. The professionals can assess your entire site to look for other structural vulnerabilities and weak spots in high-traffic areas. These may not be causing you any problems today, but they could become big headaches tomorrow.

Matte or wet look, clear or stain, your business can use sealant to preserve your property and your public profile. A commercial concrete company can help you decide on the best sealing solution for your site’s needs. Experts will have the equipment and industry experience necessary to strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Some Common Risk Factors in Sealing Commercial Concrete

Equipped Concrete Sealing

Specialized tools and application techniques are required to seal concrete right the first time. There are other important factors for commercial sites to consider that go beyond hardware, including:

  • All successful concrete projects have communication as their base. Be wary of teams who don’t respect your sealing needs and don’t include you at every step.
  • Do not be too impressed by the lowest-bidding contractor. Hiring the cheapest possible company usually means paying more in the long run due to substandard sealing work.
  • Ask different contractors which sealant is best for your commercial site. The teams worth hiring will know the difference between the various options.
  • Sealing concrete in some areas involves working with chemicals and high temperatures. Only the most responsible contractors can keep themselves and their customers safe.
  • Sealers are best applied a month or more after the concrete has been laid. Some contractors ignore this to rush-seal a project, which only harms overall job quality.

Sealing commercial concrete surfaces can be a safe and smooth process when customers ask contractors the right questions. Make sure you skip the risks by contacting a commercial concrete sealing team that has all the answers.

Contact the Experts With Any Questions

Commercial concrete provides years of durable service, but it will eventually start to show its age and suffer structurally and aesthetically. Limitless Paving and Concrete has been beautifying commercial properties in Maryland for years with long-lasting, durable surfaces, and we can do the same for you. 
We have earned an excellent reputation in the community for our quick, reliable service and quality work. Contact our skilled team today to explore the benefits of concrete sealing with one of our experts.

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