Why Your Business Needs A Concrete Patio

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Think of your patio as a salesperson for your business. While customers are attracted to the goods or services in your window, a patio draws them inside, inviting them to take a look around.

And for businesses like restaurants and eateries, patios are a huge deal. Outdoor eating spaces increase revenue by 30%!

If you’re a restaurant owner, then you’re all set: keep reading to find the best concrete patio for you. And if your business provides a different service, then don’t go anywhere. Your business seriously needs a concrete patio too; let’s tell you why.

What’s a Concrete Patio?

A concrete patio is just the same as a regular one. The only difference is that you’d use concrete patio slabs instead of clay, porcelain or stone, for example. And as with other materials, you can use different styles of concrete tile to zone your patio.

How Cement Slabs Are Made

Concrete patio slabs are made by pouring cement into a mold. Give the concrete time to set, remove the mold and you’re rewarded with a slab for your patio. The size, shapes, and colors of concrete patio slabs are endless — what will you choose?

The Benefits of Concrete

With all the different paving slab materials your business could choose, why is concrete the very best option? Here are just a few reasons

Low Cost

When thinking about concrete patio cost implications, you don’t have to worry. Concrete is a very economical option for a patio. Depending on the design you go for, your patio could cost from between $6-$17 per square foot.

Concrete patio estimates average around $12 per square foot. So, a concrete slab patio’s going to cost you much less than a regular paver, brick or flagstone one.

Low Maintenance

Another attractive feature of a concrete patio is the very low maintenance. Businesses have enough to worry about without having to stress about how to keep their patio looking neat and tidy!

Thankfully, you can pretty much take a ‘fix it and forget about it’ approach with concrete. Once it’s installed and sealed, you’ll just need to keep it clean.

Powerwashing concrete will get off the muck and debris. And if you have a sealed concrete patio, you’ll only need to reapply sealant every 2-3 years.


Concrete’s a seriously durable material — just ask the Romans. Roman concrete structures that were built thousands of years ago are still standing today, and scientists are still learning from them in our modern age.

Modern concrete is still being developed and made stronger. Your concrete patio should last at least 25 years before you need to replace it, but depending on how you look after it, it could last a lot longer.


Now, if you’re thinking, that’s all well and good, but I don’t want a grey patio… think again. That’s right — concrete comes in more colors than just grey! In fact, with some processes, you can even get your concrete to look like marble.

The process involves using acid to stain the concrete and bring out its natural variations in texture and color. If you want a natural stone patio without the hefty price tag, then concrete is the way to go.

Cement Slab Patio Designs

Now, we’ve all seen concrete around, some of it done well, and some of it… not. But don’t let those poor examples of concrete put you off! Beauty and elegance can be achieved with concrete. Here are just a handful of designs available.

Plain Paving Slabs

The plain paving slab can be beautiful in its own way. The simplicity of plain patio slabs arranged in an artful design can wow a crowd. And small concrete pavers make excellent cobblestones for that vintage, characterful effect.

Concrete patio slabs can come in much smaller sizes, too, including mosaic slabs and bricks. If you’re going for a layout design rather than decorated paving slabs, plain concrete pavers are an excellent and economical choice.

Patterned Pavers

Because of the way concrete pavers are made, it’s easy to create beautiful designs and patterns to decorate them. You can have fun with patterned pavers — if you want to be extra fancy, why not order some with your business logo on them?

You can arrange patterned pavers into an intricate design. Or, for a lower cost option, why not intersperse them among plain pavers for an eye-catching overall effect.

Permeable Pavers

A bugbear for many people when it comes to patios and paving is the lack of surface run-off.

With the advent of permeable paving, though, it’s now easier to lay down a patio and look after the environment at the same time.

Wood Effect Pavers

Wooden decking is a favorite for business owners because it’s fairly inexpensive to lay, and it looks great. The problem is, decking takes a lot of maintenance and doesn’t always stand up to attacks from the elements.

But did you know you can get the effect of a wooden deck in concrete? Cement laid in a mold with a wooden base will take on the look of that wood. These wood-effect pavers can be small or plank-length for a low-maintenance deck you’ll love.

Great for Businesses

Concrete slab patios are great for businesses all over America. They add value to a building, they suit all budgets, and you don’t need to compromise on style.

The huge array of different colors, sizes, paver designs, and finishes will ensure you get the perfect patio for your business.

Whatever your budget, you’ll find a great patio to suit the look you’re going for. Concrete isn’t the grey, blah material you might imagine. The variations are endless, and when it comes to your bottom line, concrete is the way to go.

Get Your Business a Concrete Patio

There’s no doubt about it — concrete comes out tops in the patio construction stakes. With its durability, low cost and huge design variety, a concrete patio is the best choice for your business.

Are you ready to take the plunge and choose your concrete patio? Then contact us today and see how Limitless Paving and Concrete can help your business look stunning in concrete.

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