How Much Will It Cost To Resurface My Asphalt Pavement?

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Learn About The Average Cost to Resurface Asphalt Driveways

Is it time for you to resurface your asphalt driveway?

If so, you may be wondering how much cash you’ll have to fork over to get the job done.

Resurfacing enables business owners to repair driveway damage without having to replace the entire driveway. In many ways, resurfacing can be a more cost-effective means of asphalt driveway repair.

But what is the average cost to resurface asphalt driveways?

On average, resurfaced asphalt costs $2.25 per square foot. That means a 1,000 square foot asphalt resurfacing project will cost roughly $2,250.

In this post, we unpack resurfacing costs and more.

Keep reading for more insight!

What Is Resurfacing?

Your driveway is an important component of your business’s curb appeal. It is often the first feature customers notice when they pull up to your business.

Asphalt is a durable engineered material used to pave residential and commercial driveways. It consists of rocks, sand, and liquid asphalt cement, a petroleum derivative.

As durable and smooth as asphalt driveways can be, they still can sustain damage. This is especially the case for driveways that are heavily used by multiple vehicles.

Weather can also influence the lifespan of asphalt driveways. Intense, direct sunlight, as well as heavy rains, can lead to cracking, buckling, and slab shifts.

The same goes for freezing temperatures. Melting ice in winter can trickle down through asphalt and freeze, causing the slab to expand and often crack. Even snowplows can impact your asphalt!

So what happens if your asphalt driveway starts to show some serious wear and tear?

First, it’s important to note that such wear is normal, particularly under the conditions just described.

Second, you have a lot of options for repairing such damage.

Some may opt for replacing their entire asphalt driveway. This will involve the excavation of the existing driveway and application of new, fresh asphalt.

Others may hire professionals to simply refill existing cracks. Yet sometimes this isn’t sufficient to handle the damage.

In these cases, resurfacing is a great option. Resurfacing is the “middle ground” of driveway repair options.

Also known as an overlay, resurfacing involves removing the top layer of your driveway and replacing it with a fresh layer of asphalt. This is more effective than constant patching and less intensive than driveway replacement.

When You Should Resurface

Is it time for you to resurface your driveway and/or parking lot? Here are some clues as to whether or not it is time to call some contractors.

1. You Are Constantly Paying for Patching

Are contractors constantly dropping by your business for asphalt patching?

At first, this can be a great solution for minor asphalt repairs. Patching in those potholes and cracks can ensure that appealing, smooth driveway surface.

It can also keep your customers from complaining about the bumpy ride to your front doors!

Yet, as cost-effective as patching is initially, constant repairs can add up. At some point, you may be spending more than it actually costs to resurface your driveway.

What’s more, patching is only an ideal solution for the first few years of a new driveway’s lifespan. Keep in mind that most asphalt driveways last for 12 to 15 years only.

If you are constantly patching your driveway, it’s time to explore other options–for the sake of your wallet and your driveway’s life cycle.

2. Customers Are Noticing

Everyone knows that the way a business physically looks can influence customer visits. But this principle extends beyond the mere shopfront itself.

Customers are also likely to notice the parking lot and physical surroundings of businesses, too. A cracked and pothole-filled lot can actually deter visitors.

Why? Parking lots are still part of the business itself. A dilapidated driveway is equivalent to a dilapidated roof or window display.

If your customers are noticing your damaged driveway, it’s time to take action. As a business owner, why settle for the low hanging fruit?

Resurfacing can address those long-term cracks easily, and often in a way that won’t break the bank. With a fresh surface, your driveway can continue to entice customers to your business.

3. Your Driveway Is Aging

When did you first install your asphalt driveway? If it was more than three years ago, it may be time to resurface.

Remember that most asphalt driveways have a maximum lifespan of fifteen years. Most of these, especially commercial driveways, require repair as early as three years into this lifespan.

If your driveway is “middle-aged” (seven to nine years old), resurfacing is likely in order. This can restore structural integrity and maintain curb appeal until year fifteen when replacing is advisable.

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The Cost to Resurface Asphalt Driveways

Resurfacing asphalt driveways is often cheaper than replacing them. It is likely to cost more, however, than simply filling in potholes and cracks.

Nonetheless, asphalt driveways are, in general, far cheaper to service than concrete driveways. If you are looking for details about concrete driveway servicing, we recommend checking out this page.

But how much does it cost to resurface asphalt driveways?

Here’s a cost breakdown.

Most companies will charge business owners per square foot of resurfaced driveway. In general, business owners can expect to pay a minimum of $2.25 per square foot of resurfaced asphalt.

A 1,000-square foot commercial driveway could thus cost, at a bare minimum, $2,250.

However, some companies will charge different prices for residential versus commercial work. Prices may also shift if you need additional servicing, such as seal coating.

Plenty of business owners will also likely need to resurface their entire parking lots in addition to driveways themselves.

For this reason, it’s best to request a customized quote for resurfacing services from a reputable provider. You can do that here.  

Final Thoughts

Resurfacing your asphalt driveway can ensure that customers keep coming through your doors. It can also save you money on future asphalt repairs, especially if your driveway is middle-aged.

However, what does it cost to resurface asphalt driveways?

In general, asphalt resurfacing is cheaper than driveway replacement, which can cost business owners upwards of $10,000 (or more). Business owners typically pay per square foot of resurfacing.

Prices vary from company to company, however, so we recommend requesting quotes from reputable providers to get started.

Click here to learn about the qualities you should look for in asphalt repair services!

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