Extruded Curb Installation Services

There are many elements commercial property owners must consider when assessing the visual appeal of their properties – and it’s easy to forget about their parking lots. It’s the first place your customers will see, and business owners will want to make a good first impression. That’s just one reason why extruded curbs are a plus for your property.

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Commercial Curb Extruders Installation Service

Curb extrusion will also minimize commercial real estate safety issues, while elevating the edges of parking lots and sidewalks to a higher standard of strength, durability, and aesthetics. The experts at Limitless Paving & Concrete will build professionally extruded curbs to the highest standards of performance, providing cost-effective and reliable solutions. Call us to schedule a free quote – we’ll quickly assess and deliver on your curb extrusion needs.

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Why Commercial Curb Extrusion Is Necessary?

curb extrusion

The need for extruded curbs is typically rooted in a few common issues, and where one is present, the others aren’t far behind. Here are a few reasons why any commercial property should consider curb extrusion:

Degraded/Damaged Concrete

Commercial curbs get a lot of foot traffic and pressure from poorly handled or parked vehicles, which can weaken the concrete and create performance and appearance issues.

Exterior Impressions Matter

Potential clients and customers visually assess a commercial property. Poor curbing says the business behind it is happy to let things deteriorate. A well-applied, visually appealing extrusion sends the right message.

Compromised Curbs Can Be Unsafe

Substandard curbs are not only unsightly, they also create trip-and fall-hazards. These increase injury liability and exposure to lawsuits.

Limitless Paving & Concrete has been helping commercial clients address and correct these issues for over a decade. Call for a free quote and an expert consultation.

Curb Extruders installation

The Limitless Solution to Commercial Curb Extrusion

Whether you’re looking for extruded curbs to increase your commercial property’s safety or aesthetics, Limitless can help. Here’s how we turn curb stresses into solutions.

Concrete Expertise

Our team appreciates the four key characteristics of concrete: durability, versatility, safety,and environmental impact. We exceed standards in each area to deliver long-lasting curb extrusions that meet regulations and enhance visuals.

Environmental Protection

Maryland weather can be harsh. Extruded curbs are tough and reliable, with a longer life against the elements. Tree roots can also damage a curb over time. Extruded curbs provide an effective barrier against root damage.

Speedier Completion, Lower Cost

Our experts install extruded curbs quicker than preformed curbing. This cuts expenses through reduced labor and project time, so we can get your commercial property back to work, fast.

Multiple Property Types Served

Retail parking lots, apartment complexes, residential parking lots – we apply our expertise to commercial properties of any kind.

Diverse Designs

Extruded curbs needn’t be dull. We shape and colorize your curbs to make them stand out. The brighter the design, the more clearly and safely they highlight parking lot boundaries.

Professionally installed curb extrusions will give you a parking lot that is more visually appealing, safer, and lower maintenance. Contact Limitless Paving & Concrete today for an appointment to discuss available options.

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Why Limitless Paving & Concrete Is Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Curb Extruders

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The right curb is essential for any commercial property. Limitless Paving and Concrete has built a statewide reputation for transparency, integrity, and quality. For more information or to make an appointment, contact our team today for:

Expertise in the science of paving and concrete

Cost-effective and enduring concrete paving solutions since 2010

Specialists in design, modifications, additions, maintenance, or repairs

Commitment to safetyContact Limitless Paving & Concrete to set up an appointment, learn more about our services, or discuss your extruded curbs or other paving needs.

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