How Much Does Infrared Asphalt Repair Cost? +5 Things You Need to Know

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Did you know that there are nearly 19 billion tons of asphalt pavement in the United States alone? You will see Asphalt pavement everywhere-on public roads, sidewalks, driveways, etc. Although this material is seriously tough and it can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it can get damaged from overtime.

How does asphalt pavement get damaged? One of the most famous culprits is weight. Large trucks weighing multiple tons can easily damage asphalt roads. At the same time, harsh weather conditions can also degrade asphalt pavement.

Fortunately, there is a cost-efficient and effective method to repair the damages. It’s called infrared asphalt repair. This method involves using advanced technology to fix potholes and blemishes quickly.

How much does it cost? Keep reading to find out.

1. Infrared Asphalt Repair Costs Depend on the Size of the Area Repaired

If you need to fix the floors in your house, a contractor will charge you depending on how big your house is. Similarly, the costs of asphalt restoration depend on how much asphalt pavement needs to be fixed. Fixing one or two potholes in your driveway is definitely much cheaper than restoring an entire parking lot.

You might be happy to find out that infrared asphalt repair doesn’t cost as much as the other asphalt restoration methods. Take these numbers with a grain of salt, but most contractors might charge $100-$300 for a small repair job. If the asphalt is badly damaged, the total repair project might reach up to $1,000 in some cases.

2. Inclined Asphalt Pavement Might Add to the Total Repair Cost

There are other factors that determine how much you’re going to pay to have your asphalt pavement fixed. For example, if the damaged area is on a slope, a contractor might charge a little bit extra because the labor is more difficult in comparison with a flat surface.

To fix a pothole situated on a slope, the contractor needs to do some preparations, such as grading. This makes it easier for workers to come with materials and infrared equipment to fix your asphalt pavement. The total price is calculated based on the number of square feet repaired, but most clients don’t pay a considerable amount for this job.

3. Are There Any Obstacles or Drains in the Area?

If the damaged area contains a lot of obstacles such as electrical poles or important drainage systems, the contractor might charge a little bit extra. That’s because the labor is more difficult in comparison with an area without obstacles. You might be able to remove some of the challenges and negotiate a better price with your contractor.

Similarly, can the damaged area be easily accessible for trucks? Infrared asphalt pavement repair consists of heating the damaged area to make it workable. To do this, a truck needs to be brought in that is fitted with infrared equipment. If the access path is narrow or there are a lot of obstacles, the contractor might increase the labor costs.

4. Is a Permit Required for the Repair Job?

People cannot merely dig holes or repair asphalt pavement that easily these days. It’s vital to obtain a permit from the authorities. Various municipality regulations need to be followed to do an infrared asphalt repair project safely and legally.

If the contractor needs to obtain the permit for you, this might cost extra.

For example, some cities ask for a mere $10 to allow an asphalt restoration job. Other towns might charge $100 or even more, depending on various factors. In any case, it’s essential to obtain these permits because if you try to fix the pavement without them, you risk hefty fines of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

5. Are There Any Special Preparations Required?

Asphalt pavement restoration might also require special preparations, other than grading a slope. For example, the contractor might need to dig out the entire damaged section to replace the gravel underneath. This can be an expensive project costing several hundred dollars. Other preparations include thoroughly cleaning and drying the damaged asphalt so that the infrared machine can work optimally.

The amount you are going to pay for preparations is calculated for each square foot repaired. If you’re lucky to have a small driveway, you won’t pay that much for an infrared asphalt repair job.

6. Is Asphalt Pavement Sealing Required?

Although this service is not mandatory, it can be hugely useful in the long run. Just as a contractor seals your kitchen countertops to prevent additional damage in the future, with asphalt pavement, you can use a special coating that absorbs a lot of wear and tear. As a result, your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot can remain blemish-free for years, reducing your asphalt pavement maintenance costs.

If you go for asphalt sealing, you might be able to extend the lifespan of your pavement by 2-3 years. The cost of this service is calculated depending on the square feet in need of repair. The national average is around $160 for an asphalt sealing service. As a general rule of thumb, clients should expect to pay about $0.20 per square foot of sealed asphalt, but prices might be slightly different in various states. 

The sealing added to the pavement doesn’t only protect the asphalt from water damage and debris, but it can also prevent heavy trucks from causing sudden deterioration and potholes. In some cases, the sealing can also add to the aesthetics of your driveway.

Are You Ready to Obtain an Estimate for Infrared Asphalt Repair?

As you can see, infrared asphalt repair is the most advanced and most cost-efficient way to fix the holes in your driveway. These types of projects finish quickly, and we proudly use eco-friendly methods because it has a much smaller carbon footprint in comparison with the other methods of repairing asphalt pavement.

Best of all, you can obtain a quote for your project right away and know exactly how much you’re supposed to pay to have your asphalt pavement fixed. Contact us today, and feel free to read more about the benefits of infrared asphalt pavement on our blog!

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