Parking Lot Layout Dimentions

Parking Sizes in Parking Lots

We’ve all been there, when a parking spot is too small even though you’re between the lines. Your car is perfectly straight and centered in the parking spot, but there just isn’t enough room for you to comfortably get out of the car.

Customer Experience

Parking Lot Layout Dimentions 4

Your customers’ experience is very important, which includes before they enter your store as well. This is because your customers’ mood can affect many aspects of your business. 

A customer who had no issues with navigating to a good and comfortably sized parking spot is more likely to be in a good mood compared to a customer who struggled to get out of their car after parking perfectly.

Increase Your Conversions

In order to increase your conversions, you should consider your customers’ experience even before they step through your store doors. A good mood equates to a customer who is more likely to buy what they came to the store looking for. It also equates to a customer who is more willing to consider buying items that they did not consider buying before entering the store.

Happy Working Environment

Happy customers means a happy business. It affects all employees from customer service to cashiers.

Customer Service

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Customer service is a very difficult job. Representatives have to constantly deal with unsatisfied customers every day. 

Mix dissatisfaction with a bad mood and you have the recipe to create unhappy customer service staff. This is because a customer in a bad mood means a customer who is less likely to cooperate. An unsatisfied customer can quickly be turned around by a good customer service representative, but even an amazing customer service rep can’t help an uncooperative unsatisfied customer.

Not only does an unsatisfied customer in a bad mood make their job harder than it already is, it makes it an unpleasant experience as well.


An uncooperative customer that is in a bad mood is more likely to slow down the process of a checkout. The slower business is, the longer the checkout line gets and the more people whose moods worsen. This vicious cycle continues and will most definitely put your cashiers in a bad mood as well because of everyone they have to interact with.

For the sake of your business, employees, and customers, just add a couple an extra foot of space to each parking space.

How Much Space is Sufficient?

This may change from store to store based on the traffic the store receives and the size of the parking property they have at their disposal. 

Parking Lot Layout Dimentions 6

The ideal parking spot should have enough space to fit the average car while providing enough space to get out of their vehicle. The average car has a width of 6 feet. The more space besides the car the easier it is to get in and out of the car. This means around 7 to 8 feet would allow for easy entrance and exit from most vehicles.

Extra room of adjacent parking spots can also be used by customers parking in the parking lot. Ultimately, this means that if cars are parked properly, each car would have 1-2 feet on each side to get in/out from their car.

If you don’t have sufficient parking space, we can help with that. But before you redo your parking garage, check out our blog on everything you need to know about parking restriping.

If you do have enough space, that’s amazing! Make sure to maintain your parking lot using our tailored parking lot checklist to have it looking fresh for as long as possible.

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