The Importance of Planning Your Pavement Maintenance

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Why are maintenance plans important?

Asphalt and concrete maintenance is something that should be planned ahead of time. To maximize the return on investment from your paved structures it’s critical to have a solid maintenance plan in place to increase its service life and save thousands of dollars over the years.

In fact, many organizations have a maintenance plan in place that spans ten years or longer. Doing this ensures your pavement is getting all the maintenance and repair services necessary to keep the foundation strong and the surface free from cracking and other blemishes.

Why You Should Plan Pavement Maintenance in Advance

There are many reasons why organizations of all sizes should have documented commercial pavement maintenance plans in place.

Planned Maintenance Saves Money

Planning your asphalt and concrete maintenance saves money over the long run for a few reasons.

First, any minor defects will be addressed before they have a chance to become comprehensive and costly repairs. Even minor cracking can spread and cause significant damage to both the surface and underlying structure of the pavement.

Cracks allow water and other liquids to seep down into the deeper layers of the pavement. As this water is introduced, it freezes and thaws through the seasons. This freezing and thawing cycle causes the water to expand and contract, weakening the integrity of the pavement.

Having maintenance performed on a set scheduled allows your paving contractor to identify and correct these issues before they are allowed to compromise the pavement structure.

Second, performing maintenance regularly will extend the overall service life of your pavement. Replacing an asphalt or concrete structure is much more expensive than frequent crack sealing and sealcoating services. 

Planned Maintenance Keeps Your Pavement Looking Great

Most pavement maintenance services, including sealcoating, milling and overlay, and crack and pothole repair, have a secondary benefit of keeping the pavement looking like-new.

For example, applying a new sealcoat to an asphalt pavement every year protects the pavement from sun damage and fading, and gives it a dark, brand-new asphalt look.

Many business owners and installation managers take a great deal of pride in their property and pavements that look well-maintained go a long way toward achieving that. 

Maintenance Makes Pavement Safer

Taking care of your parking lots, sidewalks, and other structures help make your property more safe overall. Potholes and other damage are hazards to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic visiting your property.

Making sure you pavements are in great shape and your parking and traffic marking are clearly defined and painted is critical to protecting your visitors and limiting your exposure to unnecessary litigation. 

Need Help with Pavement Maintenance Planning?

If you need help creating a comprehensive maintenance schedule, the experts at Limitless Paving & Concrete are here to help. Just give us a call, and one of our pavement maintenance professionals will evaluate your property and come up with a long-term maintenance plan for your organization. We’ll help you decide when and what maintenance services to perform and come up with a five or ten-year schedule for your property.

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