6 Concrete Patio Ideas for Your Restaurant

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You look out the window and remark about yet another beautiful day. The sun is shining, a light breeze and even a few birds singing. It’s perfect!

If only you had a patio to enjoy this beautiful weather instead of having to look from the other side of a window.

Surveys show that patios list among the top 10 things that home buyers look for in a new home.

Restaurant owners can reap the benefits of having a patio as well. In fact, outdoor seating could bump a restaurant’s revenue by 30%!

One of the most durable and customizable patio options is one made from concrete. Keep reading to see 6 amazing concrete patio ideas to inspire your new patio addition.

1. Leverage Your Natural Elements

If you have a bunch of trees nearby or a natural landscape, choose a patio that highlights and enhances those pre-existing elements. Use natural colored pillows and cushions on your seating and include as many plants as possible to make the perfect blend of treehouse chic and concrete convenience

2. Sometimes, Simple is Better

If you have more modern and simple design tastes, consider using as much polished bare concrete as possible.

The clean lines and modern look are very trendy, and the low maintenance quality of this style make it irresistible.

3. Consider Adding Water Features to Your Design

A great way to feature your concrete patio is to have it juxtaposed with a water feature like a fountain or waterfall.

The contrast of the hard concrete and the fluidity of the water makes for a very eye-catching design.

4. Add a Splash of Color with Flowerbeds

If you love looking at and smelling the roses, you might like a garden themed patio.

Pour concrete flower beds and add a couple of trellises with floral vines to encompass your patio with garden charm.

5. Add a Firepit for Night Time Dining

If you have any cold nights or if you love the look of a naked flame, you could add fire features to your patio. One of the most popular ways to incorporate fire is a concrete fire pit at the center of your seating arrangement.

6. Consider Stamped Concrete for a Textured Look

Concrete stamping is an affordable way to make your concrete patio mimic other materials like wood, flagstone, or brick. Whether you are going for a rustic style or modern finish, there are a variety of stamping patterns that can help you achieve the perfect look for your restaurant. 

Set It in Stone

Now that you have your inspirational concrete patio ideas, you can look for the right patio construction company to help you achieve your dream.

Look for a company with a variety of options and finishes as well as a big book of completed projects to look at.

If you have any further questions about concrete patios or if you would like to get a quote, contact us today!

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